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Metal Fencing

Welcome to Longoria’s Five Star Fencing! We're Georgia’s top source for quality fencing, including durable and commercial grade metal fencing. We serve residential and commercial clients in Canton, Woodstock, Marietta, Acworth, Alpharetta, Kennesaw, and Holly Springs, GA. We believe in providing the highest quality fencing material, first-rate customer care, and top-notch installation.

Do You Need Metal Outdoor Fencing?

Metal fencing is a popular option for many different industries. It's extremely versatile, especially when you consider that you can choose from aluminum, chain link, steel privacy fences, and ornamental steel. All types are manufactured and installed with the highest degree of care.

Chain Link

Chain link is sometimes used for private properties, but it is more commonly used for public property where you still need to contain an area, but privacy is not necessarily a top concern. Chain link makes a great field fence for baseball fields, football fields, parks, farm yards, or construction areas. Private residences with farm animals or other animals may choose chain link for containment with maximum air flow.


Aluminum fencing is another fine option for both commercial and residential use, but with slightly more versatility. It can be installed in different colors, heights, and styles, depending on your needs. It's used in backyards and commercial properties where you need industrial strength metal fencing, but not the weight of steel.


Steel is a top quality, highly durable metal fence used when you need the highest level of security, privacy, and safety from outside elements. It can be used around high traffic areas, elementary school play grounds, pools, parks, and grand estates. Most steel fences are installed with breathable “slats,” though you can vary the narrowness of the width between slats. It can also be colored in silver tone, dark green, black, or other shades to complement the landscaping.

Longoria’s also offers ornamental steel fencing to give some variation to the look of your steel fence. There are many types of ornamental fencing designs we can apply, such as a spike or spire on top of the steel fence rods, circular shapes or scrollwork as a top border, cross-hatching, or many other designs. Just contact us for direction and inspiration. We're local fence contractors with lots of experience and insight to share.

Do You Want the Best Service?

If you want the highest quality fencing from one of the best local fence companies serving Georgia, give us a call. We make your fence a priority and we're excited to put our best work into every project. Contact us for an estimate today.


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