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If you have questions about any products, services or just want a FREE estimate, please do not hesitate to call 770-704-6021.

Vinyl Fencing

When you need durable, low-cost, and high-value outdoor fencing, then our first-rate vinyl is a prime choice for you. Longoria’s Five Star Fencing, Inc., is excited to be your choice for custom and affordable fencing options, including vinyl and PVC. We can also provide wood, aluminum, chain link, steel, and a variety of fence features, like gates and ornamental designs. We provide the high-quality fencing materials, the professional installation, and any repairs that you may need down the road!

Choosing Vinyl

Vinyl fencing is a popular option for both private residences and commercial properties. Most types of vinyl fencing you'll see are completely solid, offering you the most privacy and security. Vinyl is also fairly thick and sturdy, withstanding most weather conditions, including wind, storms, sun, and more. It’s the perfect choice for Georgia property owners.

Another great characteristic of vinyl is that it can be manufactured to mimic the look of other types of fences, especially wood. We provide excellent craftsmanship for all of our fences, and if you want a durable, weather-proof fence that looks like wood, we can craft a vinyl fence that you'll love. We can also texture it to look like stone, brick, or a variety of other surfaces. We can also produce it in a nearly endless variety of colors to match your landscaping needs.

Choosing Service

When it comes to choosing a fencing provider, Longoria’s Five Star Fencing is one of the best local fence companies. We serve Canton, Woodstock, Marietta, Alpharetta, Acworth, Kennesaw, and Holly Springs, GA. As a local company, we believe all of our clients are neighbors and fellow business owners. That's why we always provide fencing services with professionalism and courtesy. Our fences and the workmanship of our installation are both of the highest quality. Our fences last! However, whether you got your fence from us or from some other provider, we're always happy to provide fence repairs if needed.

Our Company’s Commitment

Our company places a high value on creating happy customers and friends. We want you to not only get the fence you want, but to get the experience you deserve. We’ll work to make sure that the process of choosing and installing a fence is swift, convenient, affordable, and even enjoyable. When you're thrilled to see your new fence, we know we’ve done our job. Your satisfaction is our reward! Call us today to get a free estimate on your fence installation!


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