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Tips to Repair Wood Fence Affordably

Ornate Wooden Fencing

Your wood fence in Woodstock, GA, takes a beating sitting outside in all weather, the wood expanding and shrinking in the heat and cold respectively, with rain making it susceptible to rot and ice causing it to crack. Because of this, it may feel like your fence is always in need of repair, and you might get tired of constantly shelling out the cost to replace more and more of it. Here we have a few tips to help you stretch your money a little further.

Regular Inspections

You should carefully examine your fence at least once a year, checking for signs of wear and tear. You may be tempted to leave minor damage alone, thinking that it won’t do you any real harm. Unfortunately, that damage will spread over time, whether it's rot or even a small crack. As it compromises your fence, it will mean that more and more pieces will need repair in the end. Catching it early and taking care of it immediately will cost you a lot less in the long run. This is especially true if you stain or seal your fence to help protect it from the elements.

Adding Supports

Sometimes, especially when you catch it early, minor damage only needs minor repairs. For instance, if a rail pulls loose from the post, you might not need to replace the whole rail. Instead, you might be able to support it with metal T-braces or even scraps of wood nailed to the post beneath the rail. Occasionally, even wobbly fence posts can be propped up by a pair of splints. If you have any questions, a company that does wood fence installation in Woodstock, GA, should be able to help answer your questions or do the repairs if you're unable.

Repairing Sections

The main way to make sure your fence sections stay affordable is to plan ahead. You may have heard the saying “measure twice and cut once,” and this is as true of fence repair as it is of anything else. Carefully dismantle any sections of the fence that need repair, take your time measuring out how much raw material you’ll need to buy for your wood fencing in Woodstock, GA. If you just eyeball it, you’ll end up buying too much wood, wasting a good chunk of your repair budget.

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