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Amazing Fence Design Ideas Never Thought Of

Stylish fence

Fences serve a variety of purposes. Some are purely decorative, infusing a yard with a sense of cohesion and style. Others are there to mark the boundaries of a yard to help keep things cordial between neighbors. They can also offer some small measure of security to discourage intruders and boost one’s sense of privacy so that you can enjoy your own yard without being watched by anyone who passes by. How you design your fence depends on your sense of style and your budget. Whether you get an elaborate statement piece or a simple privacy fence in Holly Springs, GA, we have a few ideas to get you started.


While vinyl is popular for its durability and cost effectiveness, there are many other materials out there that you can choose from, each of which will give your property a distinctly different feel. A wood fence in Holly Springs, GA is, of course, a choice that brings a natural look, though it does take effort to maintain. If you’re looking for something like wood but with a little bit of an edge, you might want to consider bamboo. Iron fencing lends some gravitas to your yard, as does the classic look of a brick wall, though both are expensive and iron can rust over time. Of course, you can choose more unique materials, if you desire, like a decorative glass fence to surround a pool.


Whatever material you choose, it can be fun to check out different styles or ways to lay the pieces together. You could go with a standard horizontal or vertical, diagonal, or even criss-cross pattern. You can also look at different amounts of space between slats. These days, one popular trend in fence designs in Holly Springs, GA, is to mix and match different styles. You could, for instance, have one straightforward, practical style for the main part of the fence but then top that with a small decorative portion of fencing in a different style or material.

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