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6 Benefits of Privacy Fences over Other Options

Wooden fence

When you're considering different fence designs in Woodstock, GA, it's important to think about many different factors that ensure you get the right type of fence for your property. Privacy fences have many advantages besides simply providing privacy. Here are some additional benefits of a privacy fence in Woodstock, GA, for you to think about.


The function of a privacy fence isn't simply to give you and your family privacy in your yard, but it's to keep your family safe as well. A tall fence keeps your children and pets where they belong, but it also keeps intruders out. Tall fences are a good deterrent because they're difficult for prying eyes to see over and difficult to climb over as well.


In addition to keeping trespassers away from your home, privacy fences help keep noise out as well. While a fence may not be able to soundproof your yard, you can dampen noise depending on the material you choose as well as its thickness.


Privacy fences are available in a range of materials and designs. You can find a material and color that matches your home or garden and complements landscape elements. Since there are so many options available, you should easily be able to find a privacy fence that meets your needs and is within your budget as well.


Maintenance on privacy fences is generally minimal because these types of fences are meant to be durable and last for years. Wood privacy fences usually only require occasional varnish to protect the wood. Vinyl privacy fences require even less maintenance because they resist most of the elements.


For those desiring a more aesthetically pleasing fence, you're sure to find a privacy fence that has decorative features. There are privacy fences that combine functional and decorative elements to give your fence both form and function.


In addition to protecting your family from outside influences, a privacy fence can help shelter your home and yard from environmental elements. A privacy fence can act as a windbreaker and protect your home from wind, rain, and other harsh weather. It can also help shade portions of your home and yard and protect it from harmful UV rays.

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