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3 Interesting Facts about Wood Fences

Wood Fence

One of the most classically American images is Tom Sawyer painting a wood fence. In many parts of the North American continent, dense forests made wood structures the de facto building material from the 18th century onward. Besides the inexpensive nature of wood fences, they provide privacy and can be customized to match your home design. These facts about wood fences make them a great choice for you.

The Components of a Picket Fence

The main support structures of a wood picket fence are called posts. When a fence installer begins putting in your new fence, they'll dig the holes for evenly-spaced posts first. Next, the pickets are put in between the posts. The posts are then topped with caps, which protect them from the elements, and your fence is finished.

Inexpensive Privacy

Did you know that wood fences are some of the most inexpensive and private? If you're on a tight budget, we recommend either a wood or chain link fence near Canton, GA. However, if you want a greater range of customizable features, including wood color and stain, you'll likely be more interested in wood than chain link. Chain link is sturdy, but often doesn't provide the same level of privacy.

A Variety of Designs

From pine to cedar, wood comes in a number of colors. You can further change the color of the fence you choose with stains. While a vinyl fence in Canton, GA, can provide you with more longevity, if you want the traditional look of a sturdy wood fence, keeping your wood treated occasionally over the years can provide the same type of long-lasting protection for your yard.

The best way to narrow your list of designs is to check out the options in person. We recommend you come in to take a look at wood fences near Marietta to get an idea of what colors and post designs would look best alongside your home.

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