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Why It's Better to Hire Fence Installation Experts

Wooden Fence

A new fence can have many benefits for your family and your home. It gives you more privacy for your yard while keeping small children and pets safe. At Longoria’s Five Star Fencing, Inc, we are your partner in in the design and fence installation for Woodstock, GA, homes. Hiring our experts can be beneficial for you for many reasons.

Design and Cost Analysis

There are numerous material options that you have to wade through when selecting a fence. Our design team can look at your yard with you and make suggestions for which fence type will work best. They'll ask questions to determine why you want a fence. Do you want more privacy or do you want it for protection? Do you have pets that you want to contain in the yard? All of these questions then need to be fit into your budget.

Legal Paperwork

Once a fence has been chosen, there are still some rules that need to be adhered to. These are in the form of city and county regulations that dictate the size and strength of a fence. Some areas will require a building permit for any type of construction work while others may not have any. Our experts will know all the local codes and incorporate that into the design and construction.

Quick Work

One of the biggest benefits to hiring a fence installation company is the speed with which they can complete the project. They've installed hundreds of fences and know all the tricks to do it quickly and efficiently. They'll also have the proper tools, like post hole diggers and surveying equipment that you would have to buy separately.

Quality Work

Because we have so much experience, our teams perform quality work that no handyman or DIYer can do in the same quick manner. Building to code means the fence won't have to be removed and rebuilt correctly. The quality of the work we do means the fence will last for many years. Our materials and our craftsmanship will also come with a warranty to protect your fence in case something goes wrong in the future.

Fence Repair

We're not limited to installing your new fence. Our teams are also experts in fence repair in Woodstock, GA. They can quickly ascertain the problem, what caused it and the best way to repair it. As they repair the problem, they'll offer suggestions on how to prevent it from happening again. It may be something easy like regularly painting or staining wood to protect it from the elements. Or, something more difficult like cutting down large trees whose roots are pushing the fence out of the ground.

Hiring a professional company for your installation or fence repairs in Woodstock, GA, can not only save you time and headaches, it can also save you money in the long run. We have the specialized tools to install a fence and we can get it done quickly, saving your back and your weekends.

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