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10 Terrific Wood Fence Ideas

Picket fence

Wood is by far the most classic material for fences. In 2009, Americans installed over 59,000 miles of wood fences, making it the most popular fencing material of all time. Wood is relatively lightweight and inexpensive, which certainly contributes to its favored status, but it is the design flexibility of wood that really makes it stand out above all the competition. Whether the purpose of your fence is privacy, security, aesthetics, or all three, a classic wood fence is sure to set your home apart from the neighbors and add lasting curb appeal to your property. The design possibilities for wood are infinite, but the following is a list of 10 terrific ideas to choose from, depending on your needs, for your wood fence in Marietta:

  • A classic picket fence with capped posts, rails, and widely-spaced pickets with pointed tops, stained or painted white, great for marking property lines and corralling pets and children.

  • A vertical board fence with tall butted or overlapped boards that provides privacy and noise protection.

  • A lattice fence made from crisscrossing laths, obscuring the view but letting light through.

  • A post and rail fence made from long rails supported by posts, serving to physically demarcate property lines.

  • A stylish louvered board fence that provides some protection and privacy while also letting light and air flow through.

  • A grid-design fence, with widely-spaced perpendicular louvers and rails that create a beautiful barrier without completely blocking views or light.

  • A fence made from long, horizontal planks placed close together. The closer the planks, the more privacy is added.

  • A diamond cross-hatch fence with round logs for rails at the top and bottom and a wide lattice created by sturdy planks for a unique boundary.

  • An "X" fence, with posts separated by precisely constructed x's in between that look as if they were cut from one piece, form a dramatic statement.

  • A traditional split-rail fence with meandering zig-zags will mark your property and blend in with rustic landscaping.

With these 10 ideas as your starting point, you can design a fence that will perfectly suit your design aesthetic and your more practical needs as well. Get started dreaming up your new wood fence today!

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