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Costs of Privacy Fence Installation

Privacy Fence

Privacy fences are an asset for any property, shielding your home from passersby and helping prevent intruders from gaining access to your property. A privacy fence also keeps your children and pets safer when they’re playing outside in the yard. To determine what a privacy fence will cost, you’ll have to take several different factors into account. You can then compare your estimate to those of contractors in your area to make sure you’re getting a fair deal.

Type of Fencing Materials

The biggest deciding factor in your fence’s cost will be the material it’s made from. Wood is usually the cheapest fencing material and can cost as little as $5 to $10 dollars per linear foot. It also requires the most maintenance of any fencing material, however.

Vinyl is another popular choice for people installing a privacy fence in Canton, GA. Although it costs about twice as much as wood upfront, it requires almost no maintenance.

Metal fences aren’t as popular for privacy fences because they don’t conceal as much. One option if you prefer metal is to install a chain link fence with slats or climbing vines, creating more of a solid barrier. Chain link fences are relatively inexpensive, averaging around $10 per linear foot.

Fence Design

Fence designs in Canton, GA, are another important factor to consider when estimating the price. One of the biggest things that will affect the price is the height of your fence. Most privacy fences are 6 feet tall. However, you can also find some that are 8 feet tall (or more). This type of taller fencing may be a good choice if your neighbors are uphill from you and can see down into your property, or if you have a pet that’s talented at escaping regular fencing.


Finally, you’ll have to account for the price of labor when making your fence installation estimate. For many fences, you can expect to pay your fence contractors in Canton, GA, about the same amount per linear foot as you paid for the fence itself. Of course, this differs by material: vinyl and chain link, for example, usually cost less to install than wood.

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